M.A.S. Fresh Logistics GmbH

Your partner when freshness matters

Whether tropical or seafood, flowers or berries – from point of origin to final destination, we are at your side for the logistics of perishable goods. We have a reliable staff for the handling of this type of goods, ensuring that it reaches its destination on time and in prime condition.

Tropical fruit




About Us

We are constantly investing in innovative logistics solutions. The know-how of our staff and partners ensures professional and gentle handling of your fresh products.

We offer reliable and complete solutions for the transport of perishable goods, with a complete door-to-door refrigerated supply chain. We work according to HACCP and IFS standards and we are supported by experienced professionals. Through innovation, efficiency and the implementation of tailor-made logistics solutions, we are shaping the future of fresh food logistics. Our mission is to provide our customers with a first-class service for the logistics of perishable goods. We offer quality, reliability, time and cost savings.



We coordinate shipping by air or sea, working with airlines and shipping companies, using the most appropriate means of transport. We ensure that the goods arrive at their final destination in perfect condition, in the shortest possible time and always maintaining the cold chain.

For intra-European transport and final distribution, we work with long-standing contractual partners. Our modern fleet includes vehicles ranging from 3.5 to 40 tonnes to optimise capacity utilisation, even in small-scale distribution. The entire fleet is always temperature controlled and has powerful refrigeration units and multi-chamber technology.

Customs clearance

Our professional team works 24 /7  to ensure smooth customs clearance process. This not only reduces costs, but also ensures that the temperature and quality of the products entrusted to us is maintained.

Value added services 

Our values

We live for our customers -
customer satisfaction is our every day goal.

We actively work to meet our customers' needs and inspire them with new and optimised solutions.

We treat our colleagues, partners and customers with respect

For us, respect means treating each other positively, with goodwill and keeping promises.

We communicate openly and honestly - transparency is an important value for us.

We share information and seek solutions with our partners and customers.

Doing our part for sustainability

For us, sustainability means trust and long-term relationships - these are more important than quick business. We think of future generations by taking responsibility for people, society and the environment every day.

Our motivated teams make the difference.

By sharing our skills, knowledge and expertise we are a successful team